Kulsum's Kaya Kalp Night Face Cream 40gm

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Manufacturer : ‎Kaya Kalp Herbals Pvt. Ltd.

✔ Provides instant hydration to the skin
✔ Helps alleviate dryness and tightness
✔ Improve the texture of the skin
✔ Calm redness or inflammation
✔ Reduces the appearance of redness
✔ Provides immediate relief and comfort to dry, irritated, or sunburned skin


  • KayaKalp

During the day your face goes through enough pollution and sun exposure to leave drying effects & reduce skin health. Thus, a proper nighttime skincare routine is required to restore the skin’s health to maintain a radiant and youthful look. Kulsum’s Kaya Kalp Herbals Eternal Youth Night Cream enhances the skin's natural nighttime repair, boosts collagen production, and restores the skin’s health. This night cream contains niacinamide and olive oil. Niacinamide helps clear out the complexion & even skin tone, reduces irritation, protects from oxidative damage, and hydrates the skin. Olive oil protects and hydrates the skin, revitalises skin tenacity, and repairs damaged skin tissues. This night cream is all-natural, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. It can be used by all skin types to enhance their overall skin health.

Manufacturer: ‎Kaya Kalp Herbals Pvt. Ltd.

Country of Origin: ‎India

Sold by: Kulsum’s Kaya Kalp Marketing

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Kulsum's Kaya Kalp Night Face Cream 40gm

Kulsum's Kaya Kalp Night Face Cream 40gm

₹ 360.00

Kulsum's Kaya Kalp Night Face Cream 40gm

₹ 360.00

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